Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Challenges of the Quest to Bless Challenge

Well the Quest to Bless Challenge Blog has presented challenges.  I am not quite sure how to avoid or overcome these challenges.  If someone has an idea, please leave a comment and let me know.  I know there are people who have joined the Quest to Bless Challenge...even a couple of churches have joined the challenge, however, the challenge I am having is actually getting people to come on the website and make their post regarding their blessings.  I had hoped this would be a way of getting a count of how many people had been blessed as a result of the Quest to Bless Challenge.  However, it doesn't count if you don't make the post.  So I have resolved to the fact that the Lord knows how many have been blessed as a result of this challenge being issued.  I have to say I am as bad as everyone else because I have not logged the blessings I've made through the Quest to Bless Challenge either!! I am going to start doing better, tho.

So I guess the thought was good and I will continue to bless others because I believe that is what the Lord has called us to do.

I don't know how many people check out the blog but maybe I can get the word out so others will stop by and see what is going on.  The Lord is most definitely stretching me and I am trying to be pliable in His hands!  I want to be found faithful

Friday, February 18, 2011

Join the Quest to Bless Challenge

I am glad you have come to see what is going on at the Quest to Bless blog.  I am excited to get the Quest to Bless Challenge up and running!  My desire is to see a million people blessed in 2011 through the Quest to Bless Challenge....OBVIOUSLY I need your help.  As Christians, we need to show love and compassion to all of God’s creations whether saved or sinner.  As we bless others and give with a cheerful heart, His blessings will overflow in our lives beyond measure.  He tells us that if we will give even a cup of cold water to others we will not lose our reward.  Many scriptures instruct us to give.  Blessing someone does not have to be big.  Many times the small things mean as much as  the big things. 

Some of you may say, “I don’t have money to do this.”  You don’t have to.  You can bless from where ever you are in life.  We can all give a little of ourselves and provide an act of service for someone. 

So get creative and let’s see how many different ways we can be a blessing to each other.  If you will look around you, you will easily see opportunities.  Take advantage of those opportunities and make a difference in someone’s life today.  Bring encouragement to those around you.   

So if you are ready to take the Challenge here is what you do.

1.  Leave a comment below that gives the following information:
     I (your name) from (city & state) would like to join the blessing challenge. 

2.  Send email to requesting your Challenge cards. (See choice options under the Challenge Card Information Post)
3.  Each time you bless someone give them a card.
4.  Go to
5.  Click "I Blessed Someone" and leave your comment.
6.  Repeat again and again!!!.... Let's GO BLESS SOMEONE

I need your help… let’s get started….

Bringing Blessings from Heaven in 2011!!!


Here are few examples of ways to Bless to get you started!  Let's get started and share your ideas with us.  This first example is what inspired me to develop the Quest to Bless Challenge.

1.  When you are getting something from a drive through, (Chic-fil-a, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc) tell the cashier you want to pay for the order in the car behind you.  Give her a challenge card to give them when they get to the window to receive their order.  Instead of having to pay they will get their order and a challenge card telling them they have been blessed today.

2.  If you are standing at the pharmacy and someone is not able to get their medicine because they can't afford it, pay for a portion or all of their prescriptions and ask the clerk to put a blessing card in their bag showing they have received a blessing today.

3.  If you know a Single Mother or Father offer to babysit for them one night for them to have some free time and leave a challenge card showing you felt like blessing them.

4.  If an elderly couple or individual needs assistance getting to the doctor.  Offer to drive them and give them a challenge card showing them you cared enough to bless them.

5.  You are in line at the grocery store and feel impressed to buy the groceries in someone's basket, then do so and give them a challenge card . 

6.  Have extra gift cards in your wallet with $10 to $20 on them and be ready to give them to someone you see in need along with a challenge card to show them they have received a blessing.

7.  If your waiter or waitress has provided you excellent service or you can tell they may be having a bad day, leave an extra large tip or even one of the gift cards and a challenge card to show them they have received a blessing. 

8.  Stop by a Laundromat and pay for someone's laundry to be washed and dried and give them a challenge card showing them they have received a blessing.

Don't limit your blessing to only people you know personally.  Expand out and bless someone today you don't even know.  Let the love of Christ be shed abroad to our neighbors!! 

Challenge Cards Information

Challenge card options: 

Challenge card pricing - Minuteman Press has joined the challenge and given us great pricing by offering 50% off.  Here are the options: 

1000 -UV coated full color card for $64.95 + shipping
1000 - black printing only for $50.76 + shipping

There is another pricing break at 2500 cards

Pricing includes the cards being personalized with your own church or business information.  However, they have to be ordered through me.  Send your request to

If you are an individual wishing to participate in the challenge and want less than 1000 cards, you can order only options 2 and/or 3 from me by email.  The cost will be .10 a card which will include your shipping cost. 

Front of the card: 

Back of the card can have your church or business information personalized like this:

Option 1

Or it can have no church information like this:

Option 2

 The final option is spaces provided where you can write in the information you want to share:

Option 3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Blessed Someone!!

If you blessed someone and want to tell about your experience, please click comment below and tell us about how you blessed them.  Your post should list the following information: 

Financial Blessing or Act of Service Blessing, Name, Location, comment about how you blessed someone and how it made you feel.

If you prefer not to give your name and location that is perfectly fine but please still tell us about your experience.  Thanks so much.


Financial Blessing, Joanne, Grand Prairie, TX, as I was going through the drive thru at Chic-fil-a, I felt like purchasing the meal for the car behind me.  I told the clerk I wanted to purchase the meal for the car behind me and gave them the blessing card to give to the person when they received their order to show they had been blessed today.  It was so exciting to watch the look on their face when they saw their meal had been paid for.  It was a thrill to make a difference in someone's day!

I Received a Blessing!!

If you received a blessing and want to tell about your experience, please click comment below and tell us about your blessing.  Your post should list the following information:

Financial Blessing or Act of Service Blessing, Name, Location, comment about your blessing.

Financial Blessing, Joanne, Grand Prairie, TX, as I was standing in the checkout line at Target I offered for this person to be checked out before me.  She was moved by my kindness and paid for all of the items in my buggy amounting to almost $60!!!  What an awesome blessing this was and so unexpected.  It made my day!  This was a total stranger.  She renewed my faith in the kindness of others and how being kind is repaid back to you.