Friday, February 18, 2011

Challenge Cards Information

Challenge card options: 

Challenge card pricing - Minuteman Press has joined the challenge and given us great pricing by offering 50% off.  Here are the options: 

1000 -UV coated full color card for $64.95 + shipping
1000 - black printing only for $50.76 + shipping

There is another pricing break at 2500 cards

Pricing includes the cards being personalized with your own church or business information.  However, they have to be ordered through me.  Send your request to

If you are an individual wishing to participate in the challenge and want less than 1000 cards, you can order only options 2 and/or 3 from me by email.  The cost will be .10 a card which will include your shipping cost. 

Front of the card: 

Back of the card can have your church or business information personalized like this:

Option 1

Or it can have no church information like this:

Option 2

 The final option is spaces provided where you can write in the information you want to share:

Option 3

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